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Our Services


  1. Workplace Affective Productivity – Dealing with emotions and mood for higher performance
  2. Productive Innovative Cost Effective (PICA) – staff training & coaching program
  3. Exceptional Managers Program – (EMP) – Managers training and coaching program
  4. Lean Six Sigma for Organisations – Reduce waste and increase organisation operational structure


  1. Personal Productivity Coaching Program 
  2. Productivity QuodrantTM (The 4K Model)
  3. Personal Productivity Assessment
  4. Affective Productivity Coaching

Staff Outsource

  1. Staff Outsourcing
  2. Trained Staff – Customised skill and workplace culture transformation (Internal and external)
  3. Staff management – Employee management Program

AI Productivity Training

We provide diverse training and education on how people can use AI to improve their Careers and businesses in this changing world.

Our Procedure

We have set created solutions that best fit for you by critically consider your assessments and conduct a thorough diagnostic on you or your organisation. This gives you your unique and tailor-made solution.



We have series of assessments to find out where and what is the level of your productivity. This assessment is the basic thing we do before consulting and training jobs are done.


Virtual Learning

There is opportunity to have a virtual training, coaching or consulting. The result and impact are the same. You can also access some of our training videos online.


Group Coaching/Training

We engage in group coaching or training in your organisation or in selected place as agreed by your orgnanization. This is effective and have great impact as the interaction and practical role play makes it more effective.